Posted by: joyandfaith | August 12, 2011

Hand to Hand

Have you ever noticed something only indicated in two special verses of Isaiah 41, verses 10 & 13? On reading them yet again, we noticed in verse 10 that the Lord promised to uphold His people with the right hand of His righteousness. Verse 13 says that He, the Lord God, will hold our right hands and tell us not to be afraid because He will help us.

Think about it—the way that comes across, it means that Christ is holding out His right hand and grasping our right hand! How wonderful is that? The Lord of Glory so close to us, face to face, clasping our hand in His nail-scarred one and promising to help us. Verse 10 says also that He will strengthen and uphold us. What a wonder this is, that the Creator of the Universe cares for each of us individually, as if there were only one needing His attention! That is the God we serve! So awe-inspiring in His power, majesty and holiness, yet this living God cares enough about us to reassure us that He IS with us, and we know that He will never leave us.

On the subject of hands, don’t forget—in John 10:28 & 29, we are reminded that we are IN the hand of our Lord, and that no one is able to take us from that secure position, which we will have for all eternity in Christ. If you don’t know this personally, please read Romans 10, verses 9 and 10. If you act upon that, these amazing blessings will be yours. We serve a living God, whose Only Begotten Son died for us and rose again so that we might have eternal life with Him. The joy of His fellowship every day would be worth it all, but there’s more: eternity with Him. Let’s praise the Lord!


  1. Your post had me looking for an image online to match this, and I couldn’t find one! Maybe it’ll inspire a new painting! Thanks for a great post!

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