Posted by: joyandfaith | January 9, 2014

Memory Alert!

Christmas and New Year’s have come and gone. Most of us are getting back into the daily activities that characterize our lives. In settling back into ordinary life, we need to keep Christmas in our hearts all year round.

Don’t forget the Babe in the manger just because He learned to walk and grew up.

He walked to that cross for you–and three days later, He walked out of that tomb, which has been empty for some 2000 years.

He kept His scars, so we would know it is really Himself–alive forevermore–Savior, Priest at God’s right hand interceding for us–and coming King–the Babe of Bethlehem, Prophet from Nazareth, and returning when least expected to be King of Kings and Lord of Lords eternally.

That nail-scarred hand is held out to you for salvation. If you haven’t already, place your hand in His, and be secure forever. He loves you.

God bless you with a year getting to know the One who created you and loved you to death–and life!

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