Posted by: joyandfaith | July 28, 2011

Think of Thankfulness

When the air conditioning breaks down, you can realize how hot it really is! During two days of temperatures so high that there are excessive heat warnings, you can have heat exhaustion, no matter how many fans are running! When the cool air returns, you appreciate it as never before!

This is a reminder of the manifold blessings which the Lord has poured out upon us, which we too often take for granted. It takes a break from the norm to point us in the right direction to count our blessings and give Him the thanks, praise and honor He deserves.

Remembering the childhood days, we’re made aware that there was no air conditioning for many of us. In this part of the country, the humidity makes everything so much worse. For instance, when the thermometer hits 107, it can feel like 115 or above. I remember Dad’s old Army tent, which my friends and I used for a playhouse. It got so hot inside during the summer months, even the children couldn’t endure it for more than a minute or two. It makes one wonder how anyone can fail to realize how much hotter eternity in hell will be for those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ and His free salvation for us.

Of course, the worst thing about that is, not only will one be tormented for eternity, but separated from God. How ungrateful it is to reject His salvation when it cost Him so dearly. He made humanity for companionship with Himself, and how grieved He must be when humans fail to realize what a blessed privilege that would be. Those of us who know the living Christ and walk in His presence feel so humbly blessed that there are no words to express our gratitude. Easter proved He lives, and of course, if you’ve ever met Him, you know He is alive, and nothing will ever shake you from that conviction. You don’t deny your other friends who are there for you. There’s no one who is as close as He is, or as faithful and never-failing.

Think about it next time you’re too warm. Don’t forget to praise Him, not just for the air conditioning, but also for the glory of His presence and the joy of His companionship!

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